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"The Work"

Economic Equity for All

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Esquire Candice Haley, Keynote Speaker
Legal Rights and Risk Management as a Private Practice Owner including malpractice lawsuits, contracts, etc..

SLP Private Practice in Color hosted a Virtual Town Hall with Dr. Valerie Johnson, SLPs of Color, SISTAs INC., SLPs for Juvenile Justice, and Black Speech Pathologist Group to discuss racial disparities and plan for racial equity in relation to Black SLPs and the Black Communities we service.

SLP Private Practice in Color monthly game night with fellow SLPs to network, mingle, and have fun.

SLP Private Practice in Color had an open discussion with Carrie "The SLP Solution" Clark, Owner/ Founder of The SLP Solution, regarding whether or not racial issues had a place in the workplace and business practices.

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SLP Private Practice in Color is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people all over the world. We hold this issue close to our hearts, working day in and day out to find ways to improve the cause of workers. SLP Private Practice in Color aims to maintain balance within the labor system, and will keep pushing until the right deal is reached.

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