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How to Start a Private Practice Pt. 1

How to Start a Private Practice Pt. 1


Starting and Keeping Up- In this course we will present an accounting expert and have him coach us on the details on all of the important steps of opening a business including registering fictitious names with the appropriate corporation status, down to the details on titles that correlate best with corporations established. We will give information about how to register for your business’ tax identification number, recommend business bank accounts, keeping up with expenses and revenues to ensure you keep balanced books. We will even talk about payroll, paying yourself and start thinking of the future with retirement savings options. Not only will we cover that information, but we will also talk about Professional Liability and General Liability insurances that you will need for your business. This will be information packed with the interactive means to get questions answered by our expert panelist by attending the live webinar course. Trust me you won’t want to miss this.

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