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How to Start a Private Practice Part 4: Billing and EMR

How to Start a Private Practice Part 4: Billing and EMR

Billing & EMR- Oh boy this one is always a doozy. There are always complicated questions surrounding billing and documentation especially when you take insurances. We have an expert panelist with 28 years of experience in the industry to give us advice about all things billing. I mean he will tell us about the importance of appropriate dx and cpt codes, authorizations, eligibility, and everything you need to know about the process. Not only is he a billing guru but he is also affiliated with an EMR system that can streamline your practice; as the EMR includes features for scheduling, reminders, intuitive and insurance compliant documentation platform. The EMR is constantly adding new features. This webinar will help you streamline your business and cut down on the number of gray hairs you maybe growing due to stress.

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