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Cultural Humility Pt 3 On Demand

Cultural Humility Pt 3 On Demand

Zoom Link for On Demand Viewing 

SLP Private Practice in Color previously hosted the "Call to Action"  Virtual Town Hall Meeting, a panel discussion lead by diverse Speech-Language Pathologists that addressed the racial disparities within the field and the Black communities we service. In order to continue the push for equity, we have developed this 5-Part Webinar Series that allows for an in-depth discussion into the historical basis of racial disparities that adversely impact the Black community and presents solutions to closing those gaps. Each part will be lead by an expert panelist who addresses: the historical background/context of racism, systematic racism in the Health Field, systematic racism in Education, Cultural Intersectionality, and the plan for equity respectively.

Part 3: Systematic Racism in Education

Part 3 of the webinar series will address the racial disparities related to the Black Community within Education. During this webinar, we will specifically discuss the intersectionality of race and education including significant statistical data on: the relationship of race and disability, socioeconomic status, standardized assessments, scholastic potential, dropout rates, school to prison pipeline, Federal Laws and Protections. The discussion will be led by Dr. Dianne Hawkins and Dr. Suzanne Williams.

  •  Roles of: race, disability, parent education, socioeconomics

  • Federal Laws and Protections- IDEA, SPED services

  • Proper identification and provided services, scholastic potentials, 

  • dropout/juvenile delinquencies

  • School Prison-Pipeline

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